Krista (Princess)

Steven Goerz (Himself)

Alan Marquez (Himself)

Banjo Grieving (Kidaroo)

Jim Croce

Quicksilver [David]


10:27 PM

Steven Goerz: You two are big b*tches! We will kill you both!

Voice: Its Time... To Destroy.

[Knife Won't Kill Krista And Jenny And Quicksilver puts on Time In A Bottle After pauses the time and Runs Fast and let's Alan Shove a Knife In His Throat, Quicksilver Throwing A Splinter Bomb At Steven, Quicksilver Letting Paul choke Himself and Unpaused it]

[Flashback When Krista And jenny Got Killed]

Banjo: No no no no no no no no no no no, My lovely Krista and my daughter Jenny are dead...


Stephen Quire: Shut Up!

[Back To Real life]

Banjo: shite, it was my Dream.

Paul Kousky: Banjo, krista, jenny, This Is PDK Films.

[Krista Banjo And Jenny Go To Sleep Again and the villains won't kill females and children again]

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