The Better Choice Video Campaign is a video campaign held by Rachel Lambton, otherwise known as HardWorkingGirlonTheGo. Rachel dislikes Grounded Videos, because of the following reasons:

  1. People shouldn't waste their time on GoAnimate making videos about people getting grounded all the time.
  2. Parents grounding their kids for doing even the smallest thing wrong is almost like abusing them.
  3. People who get grounded for making even one small slip-up is not funny at all.
  4. The people who make grounded videos lack imagination.
  5. She was growing tired of all the child abuse used in the videos.

So, Rachel decided to help GoAnimate use positive reinforcement more often. Now, with the help of her friend Jenny Williams, Rachel has been making ideas for Better Choice Videos, GoAnimate videos in which a character makes a better decision rather than causing trouble. Rachel has claimed that Better Choice Videos are a "safer alternative to Grounded Videos". She even decided to make all troublemaking characters become better characters.

Origin of Better Choice Videos

Since the original GoAnimate site doesn't have non-business related video themes anymore, Rachel decided to make the Better Choice videos on GoAnimate 4 Schools, which hasn't been affected by the HTML5 switch. Since she uses the website for schools, Rachel claims that Better Choice videos will help kids make good choices and become better people. Somehow, Jenny Williams seems to agree with her.

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