This is how ugly they look

Likes:Justin Dew Bieber, Dora, Diesel Clark,Paul Johnson, Diesel Marcot, EmirhanCayanIsNotUTTP, Tyrone, Pablo, Caillou, Ben Bowen, Kevin, Keith, Linlin, GrandChase RealCook, Bruce, Matthew Clark, Chandler, Theory T, and troublemakers

Hates: Andrew, Adrianna, Warren Cook, Eric, Baxter, Brian, Slippy V, Paul C, ElevatorLiker#1 VGCP, Macusoper, Edward, Lawrence, Simon, Memy9909, OishiKawaiiFan2015 VGCP, Thomas The Tank Engine, South Park, Noddy, Erika, Zara, Annabelle, Zack, Autism Kids, Ivy, Eric Smith, David Smith, Dylan McCarthy, Caroline0204, Doc McStuffins, Couldin Pettit, Taylor Jolicoeur, Lester Johnson, Stephanie Gavin, and Bad Users

Favorite User: Daniel Osborne

Least Favorite User: Taylor Jolicoeur

Likes To: Make Fun Of Autism

Hates To: Ground Bad Users

Boris GoAnimate
250px-VnwEWxGz8TYMJi7eYv7F png-0

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