The Chuckie Finster Gets Grounded Series is a grounded series created by planesguy767. The theme song for the Chuckie Finster Gets Grounded Series is ''The Army Goes Rolling Along'' by the United States Army Band.

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster is the main protagonist, from the Rugrats, of the grounded series. He has orange hair, wears a blue shirt and orange shorts.

Voiced by: Brian

Chaz Finster

Chaz Finster is Chuckie's father who grounds Chuckie a lot for doing all the bad stuff he does.

Voiced by: Joey

Angry voice: Miguel


planesguy767 is one of the two teachers, and a GoAnimate user who made grounded videos out of Chuckie.

Voiced by: Joey. His current voice is Eric but he doesn't like it.

Mr. Brian

Mr.Brian is one of the two teachers in Chuckie's school. He teaches the class math, English and GTA San Andreas areas at his classroom along with planesguy767.

Voiced by: Himself

Principal Eric

Principal Eric is the principal of Chuckie's school. He suspends Chuckie for doing all the bad stuff in school.

Voiced by: Himself


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