The Dionisio Family is a fake show of all time

The Dionisio Family

The Logo


It's about one family dream takes real life on a true story. It was based on a true story.



Just your real lady who is being with the family of the Dionisios. She was a straight lady (not so bisexual) who married a gay man who works at the office, Michael. She even meets the kids for some reasons. She even grounds children who did bad stuff.


A young, gay man who even meets children. He did have work to do. He even likes to groud children who did bad stuff.


She was a bad bad bad girl


The male counterpart of the family who is a male version to Rya.


A little brother of the family


The sister of the family.


Episode Title Plot
Boyfriend Quake TBA
Follow that Phony! TBA

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