The Julie Show

The Show is Not Out Yet (Wait a While) This is a One Season Series



Kendra (1) Watch TV

Kendra (2) Christmas

Kendra (3) Preschool Kendra

Kendra (4) Birth To Julie

Kendra (5) Julie (1) Walk to Mommy

Kendra (6) Julie (2) Thanksgiving

Kendra (7) Julie (3) Preschool Julie

Kendra (11) Julie (7) I Need a Penceil

Kendra (14) Julie (10) Parents Die

Kendra (16) Julie (12) Foster Family

Kendra (18) Julie (14) Plastic Surgery

Kendra (19) Julie (15) Present

Diesel is a 45 Year Old Father Who Always Grounds Her Daughter Julie, Because She Does Bad Things

Jennifer is a 44 Year Old Who Also Grounds Her Daughter Julie, She Once Won a Swimming Contest

Kendra is a 19 Year Old Woman, She is The Eldest Child in The Family, She is a Mature One

Julie is a 15 Year Old Girl, The Youngest in the Family, Who Always Gets into Trouble at School, Home, And More,
She Gets Grounded 95% Of The Time


Season 1

E1: Timeline
E2: Julie Gets Fat at Mcdonalds (Coming Soon)

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