The Nissa Series

The Nissa Series is a show made on MS Paint on Windows XP. This show features the characters of Nissa, Sydney, Mort, Alice etc. It is about Nissa and her meanest friend Sydney. On August 4, 2016 the show was put on hiatus leaving 20 episodes unaired. As of January 2017, DHX and FremantleMedia (who is the distributor of the show) has not announced if the show is canceled or will be renewed. Brian Coukis (creator of the show) stated that the show will return sometime in the future.

Genre: Series

Created by: Brian Coukis

Written by: Brian Coukis

Directed by: Brian Coukis

Voices of: Brian Coukis

Original Channel: N/A

No. of seasons: 1

No of episodes: 26

Original Run: January 27, 2015 - present


0. Windows XP Promo (January 27, 2015)

1. Nissa Gets Her Windows 2000 Crashed by Sydney (January 29, 2015)

2. Mort Misses Whistler (February 10, 2015)

3. Mort Meets Sydney (October 13, 2015)

4. Mort Gets Caught By Alice (June 12, 2016)

5. Nissa Uses Windows 7 (TBA)

6. Nissa vs Sydney (TBA)

7. Nissa Can't Downgrade to Windows 2000 (TBA)

8. Jimmy's Crush on Nick (TBA)

9. Nissa's Punishment (TBA)

10. Sydney Refuses Nissa To Downgrade (TBA)

11. Cindy Meets Jimmy (TBA)

12. Mort Has Had Enough (TBA)

13. Farley Plays Frisbee (TBA)

14. Nissa and the Titter Totter (TBA)

15. Angie Needs Friends (TBA)

16. Nahara vs Jenna vs Daniel vs Farley (TBA)

17. Nick Breaks His Leg (TBA)

18. Mort and the Old Well (TBA)

19. Sydney Takes Over the Candy Bar (TBA)

20. Nissa's Spoiled Day (TBA)

21. Sydney Purposely Breaks Angie's Computer (TBA)

22. Nahara and Kimmie Meet Sydney (TBA)

23. Fargalo vs Jimmy vs Cindy (TBA)

24. Alice, The Rude Mom (TBA)

25. Angie Meets Oscar the Grouch (TBA)

26. Nissa's New Bully (TBA)

GoAnimate episodes

1. Nissa Gets Arrested (TBA)

2. Farley and Zachary Save the Day (TBA)

3. Nissa Disrespects the New Student (TBA)


1. Nissa Gets Grounded by Sydney (TBA)

2. A Message from Pauly (TBA)

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