The PC Guy Show

Directed By


Produced By


Distributed by

Debmar Mercury
20th Television


Adult Animation, Comedy, Surreal Humour, Black Comedy, Talk-show

Premiere Date

December 4, 1999

Production company(s)

GoAnimate Pictures
Walking on a Log Productions
Williams Street
20th Century Fox Television

Original Channel


The PC Guy Show is an 1999 animated-comedy-talk show where we takes places in FREEDOM arena and PC Guy hosts a funny clever talk show. He talks to many celebrities in GoAnimate style

Plot or Summary

In FREEDOM arena near Comedy Land Station does PC Guy a late night talk show where he talks to buch of celebrities from different places in GoAnimate Style. He does a lot of guessing games with the audience and have fun. PC Guy makes fun with all of the audience.


It was first aired December 1999

PC Guy is the main character in the show

It features some realistic persons except not real

DVD and Blu-Ray

The series was released on 2013.

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