The Rise of Zophara: The Movie is an upcoming Goanimate movie by Mitsuki Goanimate Channel (Formerly Mitsuki Goanimate Fan). This movie will be about Erika, Elizer, and all of LouieLouie95's female characters teaming up with legendary heroes to battle Zara, who has awakened her innate reality altering powers, such as changing the mediums, as they happen....


The movie will be in the style of an RPG and will reveal the true origins of Zara. The movie will utlize a mix of Goanimate, MikuMikuDance, RPG Maker, and DancexMixer for video, and a mix of Goanimate text to speech, Vocaloid, UTAU, and real voice acting for voices, but mostly Goanimate. These combinations will create an unnerving effect when combined.

The movie is scheduled for 2015.

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