Tommy Pickles-Brian

Chuckie Finster-Eric

Phil DeVille-Diesel

Lil DeVille-Julie

Kimi Watanabe-Finster-Ivy

Stu Pickles-Lawrence




The Rugrats go to Target to get five swimsuits for themselves. When they got there Dakota was misbehaving all because she wanted "Rugrats go Wild" not "Rugrats in Paris". To this, she had to go back home. Phil tells them that Dakota misbehaves and she was so grounded. Stu finds them and buys green swim trunks for Tommy, a blue swimsuit for Chuckie, a purple swimsuit for Phil, a pink bikini for Lil, and an orange bikini for Kimi. They later go swimming and they are ungrounded.


Tommy Pickles; We're off to the store.

Chuckie Finster: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Tommy Pickles: Why are you crying?

Chuckie Finster: I'm scared that they might sell clowns there.

Phil DeVille: There are no clowns Chuckie.

Lil DeVille: What if we are lost?

Kimi Finster: Then, they will get us.

(in store)

Dakota: I told you I wanted Rugrats go Wild, not Rugrats in Paris.

Kumi: You can either have Rugrats in Paris or nothing.

Dakota (Kidaroo's voice); I am throwing a breakdown.

Kumi: That's it! We're going home.

(in car)

Dakota: Can we at least go back and get Rugrats in Paris?

Kumi: No.

(back in store)

Kimi Watanabe-Finster: Did you see what happened?

Phil DeVille: Dakota was misbehaving at the store and she is grounded (3X) for 1000000000000000 years.

Lil DeVille: Wah!

Kimi Watanabe-Finster: Don't cry.

Lil DeVille: Waaaaaaaaah.

Phil DeVille: Don't cry, Lillian DeVille.

Stu Pickles: I saw that Dakota misbehaved here.

Phil DeVille: Oh my god! She is grounded, grounded, grounded, for tranquility!

Tommy Pickles: I want this one.

Chuckie Finster: I want that one.

Phil DeVille: That one.

Lil DeVille: That one.

Kimi Watanabe-Finster: That one.

Stu Pickles: Rugrats, you behaved at the store. That means you are ungrounded forever. Get into your swimsuits and go swimming.

(Rugrats get into swimsuits)

Lil DeVille: I'm so happy that we got ungrounded.

Phil DeVille: That's right, Lillian. We are ungrounded, ungrounded, ungrounded for 1000000000000000 years.

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