Aaron Kills the Rugrats with the Troublemakers and Knights.


When Aaron checks what's on TV, Rugrats is on instead of his favourite shows, Aaron decided to kill them, so he calls the troublemakers (his friends) to come help him. In the Rugrats' house, Aaron and the troublemakers kills all of the Rugrats (including Angelica), when the Rugrats are dead, they turn 10 years older. When the troublemakers get home, their parents grounded them, and forced them to watch baby shows. The parents turn the Rugrats back into babies.


  • Zack as Aaron
  • Eric as Himself
  • Julie as Erika
  • Joey as Kevin
  • Zack as Himself
  • Kidaroo as Bill
  • Tween Girl as Tommy
  • Belle as Chuckie
  • Princess as Phil/Lil
  • Ivy as Kimi
  • Kayla as Angelica
  • Alison as Susie
  • Shy Girl as Dil
  • David as Aaron's Dad
  • Jennifer as Aaron's Mom


Ralrgats (Old) Rugrats (New)

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