The Smith Family Series Was Started by a User Named "CamComedian1985".

People Loves Watching The Smith Family Series, CamComedian1985 Had This Smith Family Series Since September 2013. The series was put on hiatus leaving 10 episodes unaired due to CamComedia1985's Goplus being expired it ended when the creator retired. As of 2016, HIT Entertainment hasn't decided if the show will be renewed or canceled.

Main Characters


Paulie Smith

Dave Smith

Eric Smith (Dad)

Alexander Smith

Kate Smith

Catherine M. Smith

Julie W.Smith

Erika Smith

News Feed

Brian's Death
New Smith Family Episode: Rest in Peace Brian Smith :-(

Posted:  12/29/13

Brian's Death

My Goanimate Fans Are Upset from Brian Smith's Death <:'-(


Posted: 12/30/13

The Smith Family -84

Posted: 12/30/13

New Smith Family Episode: 5 Days of Punishing

Enjoy My Smith Family Episode :-)

HAPPY 2014!!!!!!

Posted 12/31/13

New Smith Family Episode: Enjoy :-)

Also I Wanna Wish All of You A Happy

New Year, It's Turning to 2014 XD

Katie Ace Smith

Posted: 12/31/13

New Smith Family Episode: Katie Poops

Warning: May Gross You out

Enjoy The Video

HAPPY 2014!!!!!!

Posted 12/31/13


less Than 10 Hours Left in Ontario And Qubec

Until 2014 XD!!!!!!!

Brian&#039;s Death

Posted: 12/31/13

Welcome back Brian Smith :-)

Click here to Watch :-)

Smith Family

Posted: 1/3/14

The Smith Family Series is Going to be on Hold After it Reaches 90 Episodes, Also. PLease Don't be Upset. I Still Have to Concertrate on my Tornado Family Series, My Stewart Family Series, And Other Kinds of Things.
Smith Family

Posted: 1/5/14

The parents Divorce over Punishing: Enjoy

Will The Parents Reunite Together?

Smith Family

Posted: 1/5/14

New Smith Family Episode: Enjoy

Smith Family

Posted: 1/9/14

Katie Sends Spam To Brian Smith

And Gets Grounded BIG TIME!!!

Watch Here

Smith Family

Posted: 1/9/14

it has been 90 Episodes of The Smith Family

Series, CamComedian1985 Announced

That he Will Put it on Hold For a Couple

Months, He Wants it Back By May 24th, To

Celebrate brian Smith's 18th Birthday.

Smith Family

Posted: 1/9/14

CamComedian1985 is Updating The Smith Family Wiki.

Stay Tuned for The Update.

Brian J Smith

Posted: 1/21/14

Sorry I have Not Updated The Wiki in A While, But Good News is That The Smith Family Returns March 7th, 2014. And The Smith Family Series is Back on The Road, And We Are Excited for Episode 100, Just 10 More Episode Left to go Before We Reach 100 Epiaodes, Once It Reaches 100 Episodes, CamComedian1985 Will Make a Smith Family 100 Episode Celebration, Also, We Are All Wating for Brian Smith's Birthday, He is Ending His TeenHood, And Into AdultHood.

Days Til Smith Family Return: now

Smith Family

Posted: 2/15/14

New Smith Family Episode:

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