This is the trivia:

  • Cayby J was originally going to voice Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and all the main male characters until his conflicts with recording GoAnimate The Movie and other films caused him to hand down the roles where TigerMario2002: acquired the roles he was going to play in addition with other characters.
  • TigerMario2002: voiced most of main male characters in the film with some exceptions. He is like Mel Blanc with his vocal range
  • Originally, the voice for normal/non-menacing Bowser was Joe Alaskey until his death in 2016 which he only had one line recorded. The original voice of Bowser was kept in the film although the rest of the film he is voiced by someone else.
  • Paramount Pictures was originally gonna do all distribution until Columbia Pictures hopped on board to do international distribution.
  • The voices of Mario and Luigi are more deeper and exaggerated than the video games that they are based on.
  • When comparing Charles Martinet’s Mario and Luigi voices to TigerMario2002:’s Mario and Luigi, you can barely tell any differences based on the voices unless with certain lines.
  • All the characters that TigerMario2002 voices in the film has no similarity in their voices at all
  • In one scene of the movie, TigerMario2002 voiced all the characters in it
  • In an interview, TigerMario2002 admitted that most of the film he was basically talking to him throughout.
  • In North American prints of the film, the logo combo goes Paramount Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Walden Media/Nickelodeon Movies while international prints have the Columbia Pictures logo first

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