The Triplets (Alan, Brian and Eric Stooge) are supporting characters who were created by YouTube user Krysalis (originally BradleyWestgarth1999). They made their first appearance in their own mini series. Although they never made an appearance in the Zac series itself, it is confirmed to be set in the same timeline and universe as that series. They attended Comp School together and were victims towards their cousin, Kidaroo.

The Triplets


The Triplets were all born in separate countries. Their mother Mary died giving birth to them.

Their parents Mary and Kenneth Stooge were on holiday in Australia. Mary was pregnant at the time and unexpectedly went into labor and gave birth to Alan. She needed to be rushed back to the United Sates for better help care, so she and her husband were given a flight back, however she couldn't handle as she went into labor again which lead her to stopping in the UK to catch breath and gave birth to Brian. After a day, she and her husband continued their journey back to the US, upon arriving there and into her hometown hospital, she gave birth to Eric. She had an extremely difficult delivery and died a day after giving birth to Eric, before passing she asked her husband to look after the children however he can as her dying wish.

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