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This is a video by Sophie the Otter (PB&Jotterisnumber1). Inspired by the Gets Sent to Behavior Modification Camp Videos from the Supernanny Fanon Wiki.

Cast (Do not change the cast because this is a WIP. When it is done, you can add anything. All characters belong to their respective creators.)

  • Eric as himself, Bobbyispoopy, Calum1998, Andy Panda, Damon, Moe, Mike, Eric Larson, 
  • Zack/Evil Genius/David as Aaron, Eddie K, David Smith, Coulden Pettit
  • Joey as Hunter
  • Young Guy as Mitch, Kumi's Father, Edro,
  • Kimberly as Kumi, Gage, Pedro, Kevin, Dora's Mother
  • Simon as Horace N. Buggy, Joe, Michael
  • Diesel as Diesel Dawson, Diesel Clark, Beastly (1980's Care Bears), Dora's Father, Aaron's Father
  • Millie as Female BMC Officer
  • Dallas as Male BMC Officer and Wilde Wolf
  • Steven as Dave, BMC Administrator B. Haver, David Smith's Father
  • Kidaroo as Kent, Police Officer
  • Kayla as Sophie the Otter, Dora, Penny
  • Princess as Zara, Maya, Diana
  • Brian as Stephen Larson, NopeComedian
  • Paul as Paul Johnson,  
  • Julie as Erika, 
  • Alan as Danny Dingo
  • Salli as WarrenGirl and Kid9boy367
  • Wise Guy as Packbat (Sylvanian Families)


A group of 30+ popular troublemakers from the GoAnimate series vandalize the GoAnimateville Mall's walls and secretly blame it on Sophie the Otter, therefore causing the police to arrest her even though she did not do it. In jail, Sophie realizes that the troublemakers did it. She notifies one of the police officers that she did not commit the crime. Thus, the police set her free. Once Sophie encounters the gang, she calls all of their parents to pick them up in order to send them to Behavior Modification Camp, where they are forced to do exercises. Once the troublemakers are at the BMC, they don't even improve their behavior. A week later, the parents pick them up from BMC and ground them for not improving their behavior at BMC.


Coming Soon

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