SuperMalechi (talk) 16:50, June 15, 2014 (UTC) Funtime is a Wonder Pets episode made by SuperMalechi.


One summer day, the Wonder Pets decide to have Funtime. They first go to the movies to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame & The Lion King double feature. In there, Warren Cook is reprimanded by his dad for watching Planes Fire and Reacue in 3D. The Wonder Pets enjoy this double feature. After this, they decide to go to McDonald's. In there, DamianAlexDeromas is acting like a spoiled brat, because he wants 100 fries, 100 chicken nuggets and 100 cokes, and throws a mental breakdown. He is reprimanded by his mom. The Wonder Pets have a wonderful time.


  • Linny: Ahh, this is a great summer time.
  • Ming Ming: It sure is.
  • Linny: We can go to the movies to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame & The Lion King double feature.
  • Tuck: Yay!!
  • Linny: We now have our superhero outfits on. Let's drive a small toy car to the theatre!
  • (cut to them arriving there)
  • Alan Cook: (400% loud voice) Warren Cook! I cannot believe you watched Planes Fire and Rescue! You were banned from Disney like Barney told you. You were supposed to watch CatDog the Movie! But you didn't! You are grounded (x15) for double serenity! Let's go home now! When we get there, you will watch Dora the Explorer!
  • Warren: No please, give me another chance! I'll behave!
  • Manager: Hello, Wonder Pets! What would you like to see?
  • Linny:The Hunchback of Notre Dame & The Lion King double feature.
  • Manager: OK. Have fun.
  • Linny: C'mon Wonder Pets! Let's watch this movie!
  • (3 hours later)
  • Tuck: What should we do next?
  • Ming-Ming: Lets go to McDonalds!
  • Linny: Good idea! Let's go!
  • (at McDonalds)
  • DamianAlexDeromas: (Mom, I said I want 100 fries, 100 chicken nuggets and 100 cokes now!
  • Kimberly: DamianAlexDeromas, stop acting like a spoiled brat! Now look, the Wonder Pets are looking at us! You can either have one of each or nothing at all! Your choice!
  • Kimberly: DamianAlexDeromas that's enough! We will go home!
  • DamianAlexDeromas: (400% loud voice) No! (13x) (normal voice) Mom, can we just go back and get what you said I could have?
  • Kimberly: (400% loud voice) No! (Normal voice) Not anymore this is your own fault!
  • (in DamianAlexDeromas' bedroom)
  • Kimberly: Your grounded (7x) for 14839000004 years for acting like a spoiled brat!
  • DamianAlexDeromas: It's too late to apologize!
  • Kimberly: DamianAlexDeromas stop crying and go to sleep now!
  • (back at McDonalds)
  • Cashier: Hello Wonder Pets! What would you like?
  • Linny: We would like one French fry, one pack of chicken nuggets, and a medium coke for each of us?
  • Cashier: Sure thing.

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