The Wreckers is a gang network who like to wreck bad user's stuff. They're the sub-team of the Autobots.

The Members are: Roadbuster, Topspin, Leadfoot, Blue91233 (Blue), RedStorm20025 (Red Storm), and pixelgamer126 (Pixel).


"I'm Roadbuster, You're not coming to our house ever again for looking up naked girls & beating up Jazz!"

Roadbuster - to HarryFrom Harry gets Grounded for Eternity.

Roadbuster in his stick figure form.



First Appearence

Your Manners from The Wreckers

Created in

September 10th, 2013

Voiced by

Ron Bottitta (Dark of the Moon)



Topspin, Leadfoot, Blue91233, RedStorm20025, mitchellgrave, pixelgamer126, happyvideostudios, pixeyninja529, WigglesWorld, jimmygak, Dino, Sideswipe, ThomastheBlueWiggle, EmmaComedian1989, Crosshairs,Drift, Hound,EVComedian2000 & AsherComeidan2001


Warren Cook, Memy9909, ThomastheBlueWiggle (sometimes), Lockdown (formely) Harry Forshew, The Mane 6 & Theory T



Roadbuster is the leader (maybe) of the group called the Wreckers & one of the Wrecker Autobot trio. He's a friend of Blue91233. He doesn't like Dorothy the Dinosaur because she hates Transformers and that means she hates all 3 Wreckers. He loves ginger beer like Blue91233 does but he likes ginger beer with 5% of alcohol. He speaks Kidaroo because in the film, He speaks with a Scottish accent. When he isn't out bashing Warren Cook & his fans with his bubbies, He put a 2 minute timebomb spider on Warren, This is the easy job for him. He was an big talker but rarley sometimes, he wasn't.


  • Roadbuster wears sunglasses, mullet & the cap to be the #1 biggest NASCAR fan ever.
  • 3 months before Transformers: Age of Extincion comes out in theatures, Roadbuster appears in WigglesWorld's 800th Video Celebration along with Topspin, Blue91233, pixelgamer126 & RedStorm20025 but they're in the audience.
  • Roadbuster hates Harry because Harry call Blue91233 names.

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