The Zack Show

Sorry, The Show is Not Out Yet, The Show is Coming out on 8/16/13 or 8/17/13 (ROUGHLY)

I Am Only Doing 3 Seasons in The Series I Am Doing the Zack Gets Grounded Movie


My New Series Coming Up The Zack Show (Roughly Augest 17th 2013) Season 1 Is Not Out Yet


Pretty Girl (1) Watch Tv
Pretty Girl (2) Christmas
Pretty Girl (3) Birth to Zack
Pretty Girl (4) Zack (1) Walk To Mommy
Pretty Girl (5) Zack (2) Park Day
Pretty Girl (6) Zack (3) Preschool-Zack
Pretty Girl (7) Zack (4) Asking for Paper
Pretty Girl (13) Zack (10) Fell in Love
Pretty Girl (14) Zack (11) Thanksgiving
Pretty Girl (15) Zack (12) P-Girl/Zack Babysit
Pretty Girl (16) Zack (13) Got a Car
Pretty Girl (17) Zack (13) Pretty Girl gets Plastic Surgery
Pretty Girl (17) Zack (14) Present (Zack Gets In Trouble)

The Family

Diesel is The 47 Year Old Father That Always Grounds His Son From Being Really Bad

Kate is a 44 Year Old Who Grounds Her Son Zack, She Once Won A Lottery

(Pretty Girl)
Pretty Girl is The Eldest Kid In Her Family, She is a 17 Year Old Teenager, Who is in love With (Brian Smith) From The Julie
Show, She Is Not One of The Troublemakers, She is On The Mature side

Zack is The Brat, He Gets Grounded Like Every Day And Every Night, He is The Youngest Family Member, He is a 14 Year
Old Teenager, Who Bothers His Older Sister, Zack Is The Troublemaker in The Family


Zack's Older Sister Pretty Girl Gets Plastic Surgery, Once Pretty Girl Looks Diffrent, Zack said it Looked Stupid And
Pretty Girl, Mom, And Dad All Got Mad At Him And He Got Grounded, That's How Zack Got Grounded 95% of the Time


The Zack Gets Grounded movie

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