created by intellegent athiest. it's a two part special, eatch part is 10 minutes long


it was christmas eve (the night before christmas) and the good users and good characters are eating christmas dinner, then they hear a bang outside, when they go outside they see a puzzle box, they take it inside and solve the puzzlem and it releases demons who want to destroy christmas! now the good users must travel to the north pole a find santa clause so he can help stop this mess before christmas day!


eric as intellegent athiest, optimus500050, and shadow the hedgehog

brian as kareal, and bonnie the bunny

diesel as santa clause and freddy fazbear

paul as igor the mii

scary voice as emperror ronaru (demon king) and the puppet

david as foxy, isaiha anderson and isaac anderson

julie as african vultre and queen narira (demon queen)

kayla as chica and tough punky



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