Theory Goes to Jail is a GoAnimate! episode made by SuperMalechi.


Theory is done drinking root beer and tries to find a can, but drops the bottle on the ground. Then he goes to jail for littering. While he is in jail, his parents arrive to see him, scolding him for his silliness. He is grounded for seven days when he is out of jail. The punishments Theory's parents will do are taking away his iPod, his computer and his FOX stuff.


  • Theory (Eric)
  • Theory's Dad (Diesel)
  • Theory's Mom (Kate)
  • Police Officer (Kidaroo)
  • Voice (Dallas)


  • Theory: I am done drinking my root beer. I got to find a trash can. (tries to find the trash can, but accidently drops the root beer can) Oh no! I dropped the root beer can!
  • Police Officer: (400% loud voice) You are under arrest!
  • Theory: But I am trying to find the trash can, but I dropped the root beer by accident!
  • Police Officer: I don't care! Get in the car!
  • (they arrive at jail)
  • Police Officer: There is your cell! Go there now! Stay there for 3 months!
  • Theory: I hate this place!
  • Voice: There are visitors.
  • (Theory's parents arrive)
  • Theory's Mom: (400% loud voice) Theory! I can t believe what happened!
  • Theory: So, are you there to bail me out?
  • Theory's Mom: (400% loud voice) No! We are not!
  • Theory's Dad. (400% loud voice) We can't believe that you littered a soda can on the ground! You are grounded!
  • Theory's Mom: (400% loud voice) I just felt like taking away your favorite stuff for 7 days a week!
  • Theory's Dad. (400% loud voice),Stay there for 3 months! When you get out, there will be punishments!

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