Tiger gets a black card and gets in dead meat is the 54th animated release by AD Machine.

Characters:' James Chuck E Cheese Nellie Brian Eric Simon Steven Christmas Boy Santa Nerd Possessed Doll Tiger Principal Tiger's Mother Tiger's Father


James: OK, it is reward card day, let me explain how the cards work

(cuts to scene of blackboard with cards)

James: If your card is white, you get 3 months off, if your card is blue, you get 1 1/2 months off, if your card is red, you get 1 week off, if your card is yellow, you get suspended, if your card is brown, you get expelled, and if you card is black, you are in dead meat. Here are your cards.

Chuck E: "Hooray, Nellie and I got white!"

James: "That's right, Chuck E Cheese and Nellie, enjoy your 3 months off"

Eric: "Yeah, Brian and I got blue cards"

James: "Enjoy your 1 1/2 months off"

Steven: "Oh yeah, Simon and I both got red cards"

James: "T

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