Timmy Curses At School (and Gets Grounded) Before He Can't play Minecraft & others. Next is Timmy's Feild Trip to Nintendo Land


Ms. langer: Ok class Lets clasify our Volcanos's Erosion, please search for volcanoes erosion.

Timmy Conroy: Can i play spore & lego rock raiders?

Ms. langer: No its not the law! you pooped on me yesterday.

Timmy: YOU ENGAGE ME AND (Beeping sound)

Ms. langer: oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh you do not curse at children thats really it! go to detention!

(Timmy Goes To Detention!)

mrs. Weir: welcome to detention. there is no talking. you can only wait 'Til school is over.

Timmy: Freaking Ass Bitch You can't let me up Bitch You Asshole!

Mrs. Weir: Did you call me A Freaking Ass Bitch 

Timmy (Walks Away) fine.

When Timmy got home Timmy's dad: Ooh Ooh Timmy how dare you curse at school that's it your grounded go to bed now.

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