Tow Mater Error 3 - Teaser Trailer



Release date

July 13th, 2016


Howie Mandel


Windows 10, Interior Crocodile Alligator, FNAF 3 Trailer, Undertale Hard Mode

Tow Mater Error 3 - Teaser Trailer is the teaser trailer for the upcoming third installment to Tow Mater Error. The possible release date for Tow Mater Error 3 is July 2016.


(The video starts off with a screen saying "We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don't turn off your computer.")

(The screen is read by a voice named Lee, but before he says Don't turn off your computer, he says please.)

(The user turns off his computer.)

(Howie Mandel appears.)

Howie Mandel: What kind of action did you just do?!

(Cut to a logo of Tow Mater Error 3, looking similar to the FNAF 3 logo from its trailer. A mashup of Interior Crocodile Alligator and the FNAF 3 trailer song starts playing.)

(Text below the logo appears, saying "Coming... Maybe. Eh, don't count on it.")

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