With most of the grounded videos having transcripts in their pages, you should follow a few simple rules to keep them nice and tidy.

General Rules

  1. When starting a new transcript, check the name of the grounded video.
  2. If you see a grounded video page without a transcript, add a transcript section.
  3. Before inputting lines, type the name of the character whoever said it with a colon in bold phase. This also includes off-screen lines.
    • Example: Eric:
  4. For stage directions, input parentheses and type whatever happens in italic phase.
    • Example: (David leaves the house to go kill Barney.)
  5. For titles, always input titles in italic phase.
    • Example: David: Hey dad, can I get Super Smash Bros. for Wii U?
  6. Note that when music plays in a grounded video, do the same thing for No. 4.
    • Example: (The AVGN theme plays)

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