• CJ Porritt (voice: Eric) (at his house, at class)
  • Otis (voice: David) (at CJ's house, at class)
  • Susan (voice: Susan) (at class)
  • Mr. Cameron (voice: Diesel) (at Jacob's house)
  • Ms. Cameron (voice: Kate) (at Jacob's house)
  • Vito P. (voice: Eric) (at class)
  • Elijah Henderson (voice: Eric) (at class)
  • George from Cartoon Classics (voice: Alan) (at class)
  • Jacob Cameron (voice: Zack) (at his house, at class, at office, dentention)
  • Steve Austin (voice: Steven) (at class, teacher)
  • Chibi (Principal) (voice: Principal from trouble in 8th grade)


  • (Jacob is sleeping and wakes up)
  • Jacob: Oh no, I gotta get to school!
  • (Jacob runs from home, the store, and to school, tardy.)
  • Steve Austin: Jacob, where is Jacob?
  • (Jacob runs to class)
  • Steve Austin: (angry) Jacob, you're late for class! (Jacob gets shocked)
  • Jacob: I'm sorry, teacher.
  • Steve Austin: You have a pass with you?
  • Jacob: No, I don't have a pass.
  • Steve Austin: (200% voice, furious): Too bad, I'm marking delaying, an after school detention, out there you'll be late to school on Monday-Friday. You're in 8th grade. Now go to the principal's office now!
  • (Jacob walks to the principal's office)
  • Chibi: Jacob, what beings you here?
  • Jacob: I was late for school again.
  • Chibi: (furious) Oh my gosh! Jacob, how many times have I told you not be late for school?! You are now staying after school for the rest of a week! Now go to the trouble room!
  • (Jacob walks to the trouble room and to the hole.) (When Jacob got home)
  • Mr. Cameron: (angry) Jacob, I can't believe you got after school detention for a week and got in trouble and you have to go to the trouble room. You are grounded for a thousand years!
  • Ms. Cameron: (angry) No TV, no friends, no vacation, no dessert, no fun, no DVDs, no concerts, no bands, no computer, and no everything after school! I want you to go straight up to your room, understand?
  • Jacob: (sad) Yes, Mom.
  • (Later at CJ's house) (CJ and Otis are in CJ's Room)
  • CJ: (sad) I feel so bad for Jacob.
  • Otis: Yeah, I feel so bad for him too.

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