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"Pilgrim Makes Me Angry, At Very High Levels!"

Trusta Mann Is A Famous Comedian That Wears A Red Hat, Red & Yellow Shirt, Blue Pants, & Brown Shoes & Is The Guy Who Founded "Trusta Mann Pictures" In 2009.  Sometimes McIntosh Gets In His Way Of His Love Relationships With Applejack, His Bond With His Sister Gustavia & His Brother Erwin, & Time With His Clients SteveComedian, MrLegoFan404, Harold Buttowski, & TheSuperBaxter.  But McIntosh's Sources Say That Trusta Mann's Lying & Is Really Unreliable.  When Trusta Mann Is In A Bad Mood, Applejack Reveals His Peaceful Loving Inside, For He'll Do Anything To Earn Her Heart!

Main Appearance

Trusta Mann appeared in the 2012 TV series "The Trusta Mann Show."  He is the 1st main character to appear.  Alongside with his family and his girlfriend, he does appear in all of the intros, couch gags, and TV episodes of the special TV series made by Trusta Mann Pictures.  He's also known to be Truman, Bub-Bub (heard from Gustavia), or Big Guy (heard from Erwin).  His main catchphrase is D'oh, giving a reference to Homer Simpson (who appears in the show as a secondary character) from 20th Century Fox's 1989 TV series "The Simpsons."  The word kept on going around since July 8th 2001, but it's also heard from Applejack, Gustavia, and Erwin at their own circumstances.  His active film-making years had come to be very successful from 2007-present, and he's seen sometimes with his stuff and releasing a short film or even releasing a TV show!


Full Name: Truman Maximillion Andrew McDaniel

Current Age: 19

Date Of Birth: July 5th 1995

Grade: He Goes To College Now

Friends: Applejack (girlfriend), Apple Wilson, Tristan, Riley, Thomas, Dimetry, Cameron, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Octavia (sister) and Vinyl Scratch (sister), Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye, Prospector, Bo Peep, Rex The Dinosaur, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Sparks The Robot, Lotso Huggin Bear, Green Army Men, LGM Aliens, Andy Davis, Super Mario, Super WaLuigi, Princess Daisy, Princess Apple, Brianna Buttowski, Brad Buttowski, Che, Brianna Piccolo, Joseph, Gunther Magneson, June & Annie, Sofia (Vandalino/Billy's sister) the First, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh (first of all public friends), Lenny, Kenny McCormick, & Many More That He Is Friends With!

Enemies: Big McIntosh Jason Pilgrim, Randy Marsh (first of all public enemies), Emperor Zurg, Swear Bear, Sunset Shimmer, Super Luigi, Super Wario, Princess Peach, Princess Tulip, Bowser, Dark Bowser, Trixie The Dinosaur, Beast, Maggie, Wheezy, Hamilton, Sid Phillips, Al McWiggin, Che (when Truman believed Che destroys Toys), Billy Vandalino, Rudi Wilson, & Many More That He Is Enemies With!

Likes: Mario, Applejack (girlfriend), Woody, his 1-year older sisters Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Hamm, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Princess Daisy, Mrs. Potato Head, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Apple Wilson, video games, Gustavia (sister), Erwin (sister), Jessie, Bullseye, Prospector, Bo Peep, Brianna Piccolo, Sparks, Lotso, Soldiers, Aliens, Andy, Brianna Buttowski, Gunther, Mom, Dad, Che

Dislikes: Kick Buttowski, Bowser, Emperor Zurg, Gurtaj Bains, Mom (formally), Dad (formally), Che (formally), Sid, getting yelled at by Sarah, when Gustavia gets disrespected, when Applejack gets disrespected, Elijah dolls (proving he hates 1 of the toys he came up with), Wario

People Who Fight Him For Anything: Big McIntosh, Randy Marsh, Rudi Wilson, Billy Vandalino


Licensing Trademark: Trusta Mann

People In His Family

  1. Octavia (sister)
  2. Vinyl Scratch (sister)
  3. Che Dalman (brother)
  4. Gustavia McDaniel (sister)
  5. Erwin McDaniel (brother)
  6. Nikki Dalman (sister)
  7. Mom (mother)
  8. Dad (father)
  9. Kyle McDaniel (dog)
  10. Riki (cat)
  11. Ash (cat)
  12. Kent (african grey parrot)

Name Of His MacBook Pro Computer

Q-Bert MaxWell McDaniel

Main Hobbies

  1. bComputer
  2. Video Games
  3. GoAnimate & Facebook
  4. Making Movies
  5. Playing With Toys
  6. Hanging Out With His Friends Including Applejack
  7. Film & Animation
  8. Hanging Out With Gustavia & Erwin
  9. Nap Times

Favourite Movies/TV Shows/Video Games

  1. Toy Story 1 (movie)
  2. The Simpsons (TV show)
  3. Mother Up (TV show)
  4. Phineas & Ferb (TV show)
  5. Super Mario 64 (video game)
  6. Jimmy Neutron (movie)
  7. Jimmy Neutron (TV show)
  8. New Super Mario Bros Wii (video game)
  9. Little Einsteins (TV show)


  • The only episode of The Trusta Mann Show that not he, his family, nor Applejack is ever seen in is S03E10: Would This Ever Have Seems In This Part, in which only, the background characters appear.
  • He has a girlfriend, and her name is Applejack.  They fell in love since 2009.  She's the 2nd main character, following her boyfriend, in The Trusta Mann Show.  All episodes, with an exception of Episode 10 of Season 3.

Other Uses

  1. Stan Marsh Became Truman's 1st Public Friend In 2009
  2. When Truman Gets Fat He Thinks Of Himself As Fat Boy
  3. Homer Simpson Is Seen Sometimes Strangling Truman For His Own Circumstances
  4. Truman Started A Fight With Randy Marsh In 2008
  5. McIntosh Is First Seen Making Friends With Truman When Truman Started Grade 8 (which lasted from October 19th 2008 to February 27th 2009)
  6. Trusta Mann Toys Were Released On June 28th 2012 (before the release of the TV show)

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