Uncle Grandpa As French Fry

Pizza Steve: Young Guy

Mr. Gus: Daniel


Uncle Grandpa: I Am Going To Make Up A Goanimate Account.

Uncle Grandpa: My Email Address Is

Uncle Grandpa: My Username Is Unclegrandparocks!

Uncle Grandpa: Then, My Password. I Already Have Password On My Computer.

Uncle Grandpa: And Then, I Signed Up A Terms At Permission.

Uncle Grandpa: YAY! I've Got Signed Up To Goanimate Account!

Uncle Grandpa: And Now I Want To Make Longer Videos And Make More Characters And Goplus. I Got Too Much Bunch Of Stuff. Oh, Bummer. (Surprised) I Know! I Am Going To Steal Mr. Guses Credit Card To Log On To Goplus.

(Mr. Gus Sleeps, Uncle Grandpa Takes Mr. Guses Credit Card)

Uncle Grandpa: Now I Got To Upgrade Your Account To Goplus.

Uncle Grandpa: YAY! Now I Upgrade Your Account To Goplus. Now I Have To Make Longer Videos And Make More Characters.

Mr Gus: Hold It Right There, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: (Shocked) Uh Oh! Here Comes Mr. Gus!

Mr. Gus: Why Are You Back On The Computer Again? And What Does The Credit Card Here On Your Keyboard?

Uncle Grandpa: I Just Want To Make Longer Videos And Make More Characters On Goanimate Account.

Mr. Gus: Alright! Let's See What You Did To Open Up To Goanimate Account.

(Mr. Gus Shocked)

Mr. Gus: Uncle Grandpa! I Can't Believe You Open Up To Goanimate Account While Grounded! You Know Better What You Did To Goanimate Account While Grounded! And Also The Credit Card Is On The Keyboard! THAT'S IT! I Am Going To Close Your Account.

Uncle Grandpa: Nonononononononononononononono, Please, Mr. Gus! Give Me Another Chance! I Can Return For Every Penny.

Mr. Gus: There! I Closed My Account. And Your Apology Is Unforgettable. You Should Know To Sign Up To Goanimate Account While Grounded. That's It Again! I Am Going To Throw Your Computer Out Of The Window! You'll Never See The Computer Again!

Uncle Grandpa: Nononononononononononononononononononononono!!

(Computer Crashed To The Floor)

Uncle Grandpa: Now Look What You Have Done, Mr. Gus! You Destroyed The Computer!

Mr. Gus: Too Bad, Uncle Grandpa. You Should Have Listen To Me When I Told You Before. That's It. I'm Going To Wake Pizza Steve Up!

Uncle Grandpa: Nonononononononononononono, Please, Mr. Gus! Don't Wake Pizza Steve Up! I'm Sorry!

Pizza Steve: Uncle G, How Dare You Upgrade Your Goanimate Account While Grounded. That's It!

Mr. Gus: You Are Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded For One Billion Centuries. It Means No Cartoon Network, No Nickelodeon, No Spongebob, No Fairly Oddparents, No Goanimate And Much More That You Did You Get Grounded. You Can Watch Uncle Grandpa Tiger Trails On DVD And It's Now Available. You Are Watching Super Why. Go Upstairs To Your Room Right Now But Watch Super Why On PBS Kids, Or Else Your Grounded Forever!

Uncle Grandpa: I'm Watching Super Why. Does My Life Get Any Worse To This?

Announce In The TV: Now It's Time For Super Why! Only On PBS Kids.

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