Venomous Soup 14 Profile Picture

Venomous Soup 14's profile picture on YouTube.

Venomous Soup (aka Will Doro) is a GoAnimater who has over 14,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is famous for making Rosie gets grounded videos. He also makes Caillou gets ungrounded videos, and Dark Soup videos, who is the evil version of Venomous Soup 14. He quit GoAnimate temporarily until he noticed his channel was dying, so he decided to make GoAnimate videos again. During the time he left GoAnimate, he made Minecraft Trolling Videos, VenumusSoop14 videos, and as well as gaming videos. He played a little of Madden NFL, and as well as some vlogs, and update videos. He suddenly grown subscribers from all of the GoAnimate videos he was making. Another GoAnimater by the name of 1Redbed had helped Venomous Soup 14 get started on YouTube by giving him a shoutout, and other GoAnimaters gave him shoutouts too which grew his subscriber count up. He also supports Donald Trump.

Link to YouTube Channel:


On August 2, 2014, his channel was officially created. His YouTube name was Will Doro at the time. He only had 1 subscriber after making 13 videos. However, he disappeared until May of 2016. He deleted all his old videos and started using GoAnimate. His first video was uploaded of May 11, 2016. The video was called Boris Listens to Satan and gets Grounded . He still had 1 subscriber at the time he made the video. He asked two other GoAnimators named 1 RedBed to and ElPatreon036 to give him shoutouts. The result was 10 subscribers. He decided he would make a GoAnimate video every day. His subscribers grew fast. He gets up to 60 subscribers a day.

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