Vexy Smurf

Vexy Smurf is a user who likes to make, watch, and comment on grounded videos made using GoAnimate, She is also a Smurfs fan and features Smurfs characters in her animations that were recently made from GoAnimate. She also has been terminated due to copyright infringement by Elgin Soon AKA Elgin Teh Megaman without any reason, which could turn out to be very dumb reasons. She also created accounts called "TheOfficialBrittneyMiller", "VexyStrikesBack", "Erika Punkette", and "VexySmurf2014." Any bad user who barges at her YouTube channel will be blocked and reported by her. Vexy Smurf will block and flag bad users for YouTube Text Comment Notification, as of 2016, she now gets her new look and becomes a Nanny to many kids and a trainer of all pets.

Personal Info

Real Name: Jade Alonzo

Name: Vexy Smurf or TheTailsGirls Jade

Voice: Ivy

Born: 2002

Age: 15

Likes: making videos on goanimate, watching smurfs 2, watching grounded videos, training pets, babysitting kids

Dislikes: GoAnimate haters, Harry Partridge, 

Daughter: Kumi

Vexy Smurf training Rover

Vexy in her new look from 2016, as she trains Rover the Dog

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