Vincent Easter's New December Look-2

Vincent Easter (aka AstonMartin28948) is a good user who hates Warren Cook & Daniel Osborne. He is also a car fanatic. He always gets plastic surgery when a bad user attacks him. He also makes sequels to Daniel Osborne's videos.

Date of Birth: 10th July 1997

Age: 17

Voice: Paul

Likes: Behavior Card Day, Cars, Mario, MLP: FIM, Frozen, Phineas and Ferb, Warren Haters, Sonic, Regular Show, The Simpsons, Futurama, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ben 10, Angry Birds, The Amazing Race, Dead Meat Videos, Grounded Videos, Teletubbies, Pingu, Good Users, When people use Emma as Rainbow Dash's voice, Getting likes in his videos

Dislikes: Warren Fans, Baby Shows (except Teletubbies & Pingu), Equestria Girls, Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Flash, Bad Users (they can cause him to get plastic surgery), When people use Princess as Rainbow Dash's voice, Getting dislikes in his videos

Friends: Alex Kimble, Momogowi, Slippy V, Taylor JoliCoeur

Enemies: Warren Cook, Daniel Osborne


  • Vincent Easter was Created on WWE 13 of a CAW but not this one the other one

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