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Vito gets in trouble at school. 


  • Vito
  • Jack
  • Chibi: (Principal),)
  • Chibi: (Teacher),
  • Elijah Henderson:
  • Bodyguard:


TigerMario2002: as Vito, Jack, CJ Porritt, Principal Chibi, Teach Chibi, The White Chibi, Elijah Henderson, Bodyguard

Billy West as Student 1


  • Vito: (angry) Hey, you dropped my books on the floor!
  • Jacob: (shocked) What the hell?
  • Vito: (angry) Get back here, loser!
  • Jacob: (angry) Never, you're a failure!
  • Vito: Boop Boop. Why are you so mean to me?
  • Chibi: OK, class, we will do Jeopardy of Sega Genesis.
  • Vito: Never!
  • Jacob: Never!
  • Chibi: (furious) You will go to detention Vito and Jacob!
  • Jacob: But, why are you so mean to me Mr. Jones?
  • Bodyguard: Welcome to detention, boys, you sit there for a couple of hours.
  • Vito: Mister, I need help with school
  • Bodyguard: What was that?
  • Vito: I need help with school.
  • Bodyguard: No, not you Vito, Jacob
  • Vito: Hey it's not fair, I was talking to you loser!
  • Bodyguard: (very angry) You don't speak to me that way! Go to the principal's office now.
  • Chibi: I heard the teacher said that you don't want to do Jeopardy of Sega Genesis
  • Chibi: How dare you say that?! That's it you will have detention when the bell rings!
  • White Chibi: Welcome to 7th period. Today we'll learn about.. Vito is that gum in your mouth? Spit it out!!  You have detention later.
  • Vito: First I go to school, then I get another detention again!
  • White Chibi: (angry) You said that!
  • Vito: Yes, White Chibi.