Vivian gets framed for knocking down christmas tree/Grounded is a video by the new goanimate youtuber Not Myname VGCP HGOP NODD FDCP.

The Plot

It starts off with vivian waking up on christmas day, and running down to the christmas tree. Before she does though, the other shadow sirens wake up and plan to frame vivian for knocking down the christmas tree to ground her and get her presents. They run down to the christmas tree, push the tree, and run into a corner. When vivian walks in, she's shocked. The other shadow sirens exclaim that vivian knocked down the christmas tree, which gets her mom's attention. They blame vivian once again, and then their mom grounds vivian.

The Video



This is Not Myname's first goanimate video, and has the free trial watermark. He plans to get a plan sometime in the future if his videos get good reviews and do well.


- This video was originally going to use different models, but they got erased and Not Myname had to make new ones.

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