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Warren Cook is a persona adopted by many YouTube users. He is hated by most "Good Users", even though he doesn't really exist.


Warren was originally an account created by a UTTP member in their early days to troll people. He used the Warren account to make fake VHS openings and troll them. However, the UTTP member grew uncomfortable with the fact that his fellow UTTP members were making more Warren accounts and he was getting a lot of hate from "good users". Eventually, after the original account was terminated, Warren's creator quit the UTTP. He now roams around the GoAnimate community, his name unknown.

GoAnimate Fanon

Warren Cook (GoAnimate fanon)
Warren Cook
What Warren is purported to look like in GoAnimate fanon.

Full name

Warren James Cook

Date of Birth

April 12, (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)







French Name



Making Fake VHS Openings

Awesomeness factor


True Allies

Kidaroo, Macusoper

Alan is the devil

I know,right?

Warren Cook is a "bad user" who likes to make fake VHS openings. He is always getting grounded for it.


Warren was born on April 12th. When he was a baby, his father's best friend, George, was shot & killed during a case involving counterfeit VHS tapes and soviet machinery. Eventually, when Warren grew up, he started making fake VHS openings. George's death was still fresh in Alan's mind, so Alan now hates Warren, and constantly grounds him.

Hail Warren Cook

Hail Warren, the God of fake VHS openings,. All praise to Warren forever.

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