Warren cook meets hatsune miku


Warren Cook: Hi!

Hatsune Miku: Hi!

Hatsune Miku: What's your name?

Warren Cook: My name is Warren. And what's your name?

Hatsune Miku: My name is Miku.

Warren Cook: How old are you?

Hatsune Miku: My age is 14. And how old are you?

Warren Cook: My age is 18.

Warren Cook: Nice talking to you. Bye!

Hatsune Miku: Bye!

Warren Cook's Dad: Warren, how dare you meet Hatsune Miku without letting me know. That's it! You're grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for 500 years, now go to your room now.

(Warren Cook runs to his room crying)

End of Quotes.

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