Mom/Custard (Jennifer)

Warren Cook (Brian)

Jazzi (Emma)

Dad/Clerk (Alan)

News Reporter (Eric)


Warren really wants to go to McDonald's but his mom says no because they're having pizza for lunch. Fortunately, their dad informs them that he doesn't have anything to make the pizza so they can go. McDonald's was inside of WalMart and they walked there. When they got there, Warren orders 10 chicken nuggets, large fries, a large Coke and Chocolate Shake. Unfortunately, there was no more chocolate shakes left so the clerk asked if he could have a strawberry smoothie. To this Warren asked his mom to engage her scaring Custard and Jazzi (The Save-Ums) in the process. Warren "engaged McDonald's" by knocking down the clerk as well as the place itself. They had to go. Warren, his mom, Custard and Jazzi later wound up on the news. After that, Warren got into a lot of trouble but Custard and Jazzi explained the entire incident. 


Warren: Mom.

Mom: What is it?

Warren: I want to go to McDonald's.

Mom: We are not. We are having pizza for lunch.

Warren: I want to go to McDonald's. (few times)

Mom: For the last time, I said no. We're having pizza and that's final!

Dad: I don't have anything to make the pizza.

Mom: Did you hear that? He doesn't have anything to make the pizza. We can go to McDonald's. It's inside WalMart. We can walk since it's close by.

(In McDonald's)

Clerk: What do you and your son want?

Mom: I want 10 chicken nuggets, and a shake.

Warren: I want 10 chicken nuggets, large fries, large coke and a chocolate shake.

Clerk: I'm sorry, there are no more chocolate shakes left.

Warren: You must be kidding.

Clerk: Don't feel bad, why don't you have a strawberry smoothie instead?

Warren: Why?

Mom: Because, Warren, there are no more chocolate shakes left.

Warren: I demand you to get me what I want.

Mom: Stop being such a spoiled brat. You can have either the strawberry smoothie or nothing at all.

Warren: I got a better idea. Why don't we go to the store to get a diamond ring. That way you won't have to engage me.

(Custard and Jazzi stare at Warren and his mom)

Mom: Enough of that attitude. Now everybody is staring at us.

Jazzi: It looks like we have to get out of here.

Custard: You're right Jazzi. Let's go.

Warren: So you're not going to engage me. I will engage McDonald's.

(Warren makes an earthquake at mcdonalds)

Warren: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Mom: (Kate's voice) Ohohohohohohohohohohoh! Warren how dare You destroyed McDonald's! (normal voice) When we go home, you're in trouble and also we're going to end up on the news and in even more trouble.

(WalMart is on fire as well as McDonald's)

Warren: Can we at least go back to McDonald's and get the strawberry smoothie?

Mom: No, you destroyed McDonald's. You even scared away Custard and Jazzi because of your attitude.

(cuts to news)

News Anchor: Our top story tonight, a man named Warren Cook did not get what he wanted so he destroyed McDonald's.

(cuts inside McDonald's)

Anchor: As you can see, that's what happened to McDonald's. The cash register and soda fountain are destroyed. The tables are ripeed apart and the counter is split in two. Here are our victims. What happened?

Jazzi: Custard and I were about to get something to eat at McDonald's until Warren Cook threw a temper tantrum because of the lack of chocolate shakes.

Custard: He is so grounded for life when he gets home.

(cuts to Warren's mom with Warren crying)

News Anchor: As you can see, Warren is crying because he didn't get what he wanted.

Warren: I'm sorry.

Mom: I don't care if he's apologizing. He is so grounded for life. Moreover, if he hadn't started this whole outburst, none of this would've happened.


(Custard and Jazzi are on the docks and Jazzi is crying)

Custard: What's going on? Why are you crying?

Jazzi: Nothing, I was just about to have some lunch with you until Warren showed up. How long is it going to take?

Custard: It might take 39 days for it to rebuild but Warren's grounded (3X) for 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 years.


  • When Warren "engaged McDonald's", the rock music is replaced with "Darby's Favourite" from the end of "Three Drunken Maidens" by Chris Hennessy.

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