Warren Cook doesn't want to see Jurassic World so he misbehaves.


Warren: Dad, what movie are we going to see?

Alan: We are going to see Jurassic World.

Warren: But Jurassic World is not made by Disney! Can we go see Inside Out instead?

Alan: Sorry Warren, your banned from anything Disney related.

Warren: But I don't wanna see Jurassic World.

Alan: I already told you. You are banned from Disney related stuff.

Warren: (200% volume) But Dad, I want to see Inside Out and that's final.

Alan: Stop acting like a spoiled brat! You can see Jurassic World or see nothing and go home.

Warren: (Kidaroo/Crying) I want to see Inside Out! I want to see Inside Out! I want to see Inside Out! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Alan: That's it! Your grounded grounded grounded when we get home!