Warren's mom-Catherine

Warren's dad-Alan


Himself/mrlegofan10/Greg Heffley-Eric




Warren really wants to go to McDonald's but his mom says no because they're having pizza for lunch. Fortunately, Warren's dad informs them that he is overcooked the pizza so they can go. McDonald's was inside of WalMart and they walked there. Warren orders a strawberry milkshake. The clerk tells them that they are out of strawberry milkshakes and offers him a chocolate milkshake instead. To this, he destroyed the counter, so he and his mom had to go home, and at home, Warren's dad punishes Warren for misbehaving at the restaurant by making him go to Greg Heffley's school and recieve the Cheese Touch and then takes him to Germany, where Warren, stuck with the Cheese Touch, wishes he hadn't misbehaved at McDonald's in the first place. At the end of the video, Custard and Jazzi comment on how Warren's misbehavior was a bad thing to do.


Warren: Hey, Mom.

Mom: What is it?

Warren: Can we go to McDonald's?

Mom: No.

Warren: But Mom...

Mom: I said no. We're having pizza for lunch.

Dad: (offscreen) Catherine, I just overcooked the pizza.

Mom: Did you hear that? He overcooked the pizza. We can go to McDonald's.

Warren: Yay! But which one should we go to? There are so many McDonald's in town.

Mom: I think we should go to the one inside WalMart. We can walk since it's close by.

(In McDonald's)

Clerk: What do you and your son want?

Mom: I want 10 chicken nuggets, and a shake.

Warren: I want 100 chicken nuggets, large fries, large coke and a strawberry shake.

Clerk: I'm sorry, but we're out of strawberry shakes.

Warren: You must be kidding.

Clerk: Don't feel bad. How about a chocolate shake instead?


Mom: Stop being a brat. You can either have a chocolate shake or you can have nothing at all.

Warren: Well, forget about the engagement thing that I usually do. I'm going to destroy the counter!

Warren's mom: That is not a choice. Beside, everyone is looking at us.

Jazzi: Oh no, he's going to do it.

Custard: Yeah, let's get out of here!

(Warren destroys the counter pinning it on top of the clerk)

Clerk: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! You're fired!

(in car)

Mom: Stop crying like a baby! I am so disappointed of what you had done at McDonald's! How dare you destroy the counter! Even worse, you've injured the clerk at McDonald's, the manager came out and now we can't come back here! Thanks to you young man!

Warren: I told the manager and clerk I was sorry.

Mom: Warren, I think you sent the clerk to the hospital. Not only that, but the manager was yelling at you and you didn't seem to care!

Warren: Can I at least go back to McDonald's and get 1000 chicken nuggets, large fries, a large coke and a chocolate milkshake?

Mom: For the last time, the answer is no. We have been banned by the manager from coming to McDonald's until further notice.

(At home)

Dad: Warren, you're grounded for destroying McDonald's. As for a punishment, you will go to the school that Greg Heffley goes to, and he'll dare you to touch that moldy slice of Swiss cheese in the basketball court.

Warren: (shocked) What?! (crying) No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! Not Greg Heffley! He's the guy who writes about what happens to him in that stupid journal of his, and he's go his own stupid book series called Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which got adapted into three stupid movies! And I've heard about that dare to touch that moldy cheese in the basketball court. That dare is called The Cheese Touch! I don't want to get the Cheese Touch!

Dad: Too bad! 

(At Greg Heffley's school)

Greg Heffley: Hey, Warren, I dare you to touch the cheese!

Warren: This is gonna be nasty.

(after Warren touched the cheese)

Warren: Yuck! It feels gross!

Greg Heffley: Now you've got the Cheese Touch. Now, try to find someone so you can pass it on to them.

Warren: I don't want to.

Greg Heffley: If you don't pass the Cheese Touch onto someone else, you'll be stuck with it forever.

Warren: Oh no! Now I really need to go wash my hands.

mrlegofan10: (narrating) After Warren destroyed McDonald's, and touched the moldy slice of Swiss cheese, his dad took him to Germany, and Warren became stuck in both Germany and with the Cheese Touch. "If only I hadn't misbehaved at McDonald's" he thought.

(Cuts to Jazzi and Custard)

Custard: Cool! Warren recieved such a harsh punishment.

Jazzi: That was a terrible thing to do.

Custard: I know, how about we'll go to Burger King instead?

Jazzi: That would be a great idea.

The End