Widescreen animations are the animations made in the GoAnimate's Video Maker, which have the 16:9 format. Only made by Diesel Hopkins (aka JosephComedian or JosephComedian2000), caroline0204 and Blue Mario, anyone except for those people don't make them. Making a widescreen animation requires only choosing the 16:9 support theme (e.g. Anime). Mostly, those who don't make think that "GoAnimate animations were never been in 16:9" and think Anime theme doesn't even exist, however, it can be seen on the as a thumbnail with at least one example Anime character.

List of themes that have 16:9 support

  • Anime
  • Ninja Anime
  • Space Citizens
  • Business Friendly
  • Stickly Business
  • Business Models
  • Common Craft (Nobody subscribed, but Blue Mario will plan to do it soon when he gets $59, or even in his country, 4967.20 dinars).


  • Blue Mario is the only remaining animator, on August 31, 2013, after JosephComedian2000, to continue making widescreen animations, on YouTube. He announced that he will never stop making them.
  • Caroline0204 is the first animator that makes videos in widescreen after Blue Mario.

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