YRGvHD is a popular GoAnimator who is prone to use different editing programs, along with GoAnimate itself as well to create a whole different type of GoAnimate video that has not been seen in a average GoAnimate video. He created a series known as Caillou GX (originally was called Caillou Gets Grounded) as a some sort of Anime type of series on YouTube that involves several anime related plot twists that is suitable for how the series is developing. He first started off the series as a joke to purposely get involved the "Grounded" trend, unfortunately the Grounding soon to be end for the series as the series took it's turn to an actual GoAnimate "anime" series. He then created a GoAnimate video that has a lot of his subscribers, even viewers questioning of how the series will go from. Thus creating a new season known as season 2 called "The Prodigy Child Arc." Season 2 developed the arc to turn the story around up a notch. Prodigy Child Arc was made into a "anime" related story that involves a past setting to it. The arc contains several new characters, though the main protagonist is an alternate character named Rose who is a counterpart of another alternate character named Rosie. The story behind the arc involves a past life story of Rose who was named the "Prodigy" at given birth, though she declines that she is the "Prodigy."

Caillou GX is still currently ongoing as YRGvHD said that he will continue the series till his time is up, meaning that he will end the series but likely not for a long time. The series inspired a lot of upcoming animators, along with GoAnimators who finds the series well pleased and worth the watch.

As a GoAnimators, YRGvHD intends to take time working on episode after episode of his own series to test his animating skills. He uses programs such as Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Editing Programs, and lots more. YRGvHD uses the programs to add additional animation work that has not been done nor not even a option on GoAnimate itself. Unlike most GoAnimators, YRGvHD is likely the only GoAnimator that puts a lot work and effort to create something completely different rather than a normal average GoAnimate video.

YRGvHD also does Gaming videos, YouTube Poops, and Live Streams. Mainly to interact with his subscribers more efficiently to answer any questions related to his channel, GoAnimate videos, etc.

YRGvHD is 21 years old Birth Date is February 26th High School Graduate Professional Graphic and Web Designer for 4 years. Official YouTube Content Creator

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