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.Yummy is a new character of goanimate created by trinity hayes. he have childlike/chibi appearance. but he has blonde hair but different colors, cat ears, light blue eyes but black in other verisons, pink as a his eye color contacts. but he doesn't have a mouth and eyebrows. He wears a pink dress with bright pink belt bow, pink shoes and has a star on his forehead and blush. but wears different outfits, yummy is usually one of troublemakers. He has a girlfriend named allison tornado. yummy is downright girly. He rarely gets in trouble. yummy act like normal cat. even he use bathroom on litterbox later, he transformed into true form. he has sharp teeth.

Yummy as a chibi form

Name: yummy

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Hometown: Japan

Birthday: May 23, 1996

Nationally: Japanese

Species: Seishin no neko
Baby Yummy

Yummy as a baby

Voice: shy girl(baby) Tween girl(normal), kayla(in other versions), misaki(Japanese voice)





Allison Tornado(Girlfriend)

Baby Kitty(baby brother)


Peach(best friend)

Height: Only Short 4'1 that make him look like a child but soon, transformed into true form 5'5

Weight: Chubby

Hair color: Blonde, dark red(evil form)
Yummy in his pajamas

Yummy in his pajamas

Weapon: His claws, magic, his teeth

Eye color: Light sky blue, red(evil form)

Friends:  Barney the Purple Dinosaur, dora the explorer, Baby Bop PJ, Caillou, wiggles, his teachers, coco, peach, Eric Tornado, Brian Smith, Catherine Smith, Lacy Stewart, calebcomedian, HeroesyesVillianNo, saybrooker, my little pony friend, my little pony world, IlikeCaroline0204, VipeWorld Hegdehog, lila201, princess matilda and fluttergirl, dora,ed,edd,eddy, Sophie the Otter,Little Bill,Peppa and george Many more

Enemies: Polly(because she keeps messing/flirting with him while he has a girlfriend), Jamiem2001(He keeps bashing Go!Animate and being mean to it)

Favorite Tv shows: Everything who is baby shows and kiddie shows include Barney, Dora, The Wiggles, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Blue's Clues, Teletubbies, Thomas and Friends, My little pony, Rugrats, luckey stars,Gakuen Alice, Kirarin Revolution, Cardcaptor Sakura ,Kamichama Karin, Pita ten, Shugo chara, Fruits Basket, Mirumo de pon , Mermaid Melody ,Bottled Fairy other baby/kiddie/anime shows Galaxy Angel, Azumanga Daioh, Doki Doki School Hours, Lucky Star, Pani Poni Dash, Pokemon, ouran high school,ed edd n eddy,Black butler,Little bill,peppa pig

Least Favorite tv shows: Anything who is not baby shows and kiddie or anime shows.

Favorite Food: bento, sushi, ramen, Taiyaki, octopus, dango, onigiri, donuts, ice cream, fish, other Japanese food

Least favorite food: Coffee(because he doesn't like it very much)
Yummy and his girlfriend allison

Yummy and his girlfriend Allison

Favorite junk food: chips, chocolate

Favorite Subjects: All

Favorie colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, white,  purple, red.

Favorite animals: Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, mice, Dolphins, Fishes, goldfish, other animals.

Favorite insects: Butterflies, Dragonflies, ladybugs, beetles, Caterpillar, Grasshopper, bees.

Likes: Baby shows, video games, watching tv, his girlfriend  other things, Kids show, books, computers, clean places, other good things, his pet rabbit, girls, ponies, cute things, princess matilda and Fluttergirl, calebcomedian, anime, cute/romance/funny/kids anime, chasing a mouse and birds, catnip, yarn

Favorite favorite character: Fluttergirl, Princess matilda, fluttershy, pinkie pie, twilight sparkles, rainbow dash, rarity, applejack, dora the explorer, other characters

Favorite users: calebcomedian, HeroesyesVillianNo, saybrooker, my little pony friend, my little pony world, IlikeCaroline0204, VipeWorld Hegdehog, lila201, princess matilda and fluttergirl, dora

Favorite songs: Pop, anime theme songs

Dislikes:  Getting grounded, meanies, anything who is not baby/kiddie
Yummy is in his room

Yummy in his room.

shows, bad foods, Being mistaken for girl, getting beaten up, Baby shows getting killed, getting in trouble at school, getting in trouble at public places, dirty places, broccoli .


Yummy's appearance look similar to nickcomedian1997 but he has different nose.

His alternate voice is Kayla

Yummy already have a girlfriend named allison Tornado.

Yummy looks quite Girlish.

Yummy only makes taunt when he gets angry and excited/cheers action when he crying

Yummy have a different family in other verison

Yummy looks more childlike but more chibi

Yummy is known for his kawaii fashion

Yummy speaks both English and japanese

Yummy is Princess matilda and fluttergirl fan. He's dora/Calebcomedian fan

He is seen sitting with clique of people with his friends peach and coco.

Yummy is shorter than anyone

Pink is not his real eye color. it's was contacts

Yummy's hair was lighter in other versions

He calls his parents "mommy and daddy" instead of mom and dad

Yummy can't really kiss his girlfriend but due to his short height. his girlfriend will kneel instead

His girlfriend can't sit on yummy's lap due to his short height

In camcomedian1985's verison, yummy's hair was brighter. but his dress, shoes, hairbow was brighter, belt bow was purple. his cat ears was black, his skin was peach, his eyes were black. but his head was wrong. it's supposed to be big not small

Yummy is a reincarnation of a great Japanese warrior that was a seishin no neko, Unmei Idaina. Unmei Idaina married a woman named Tatsumaki Ukeire. They had a son and daughter. The son's line stayed in Japan. The daughter's line stayed for some time before one of Tatsumaki's descendants went to America and started the Tornado family, which is the family of Yummy's girfriend, Allison!

But they're not related at all.

Yummy look like exactly nickcomedian1997, a good user who from goanimate. Yummy has the habits of a cat. Here are the following habits that he has:

Yummy is a friend to Jack Mclaren

Yummy can meow like a cat

Yummy will bite and scratch anyone when they taunts at him like a cat

Yummy will bite if anything gets in his mouth like a cat.

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