Zara is the main female protagonist of the official Zack series who is created by the original creator of the Zack series. She made her first appearance in the Zack series episode "Zack And Zara Get Grounded." Zara is the twin sister of Zack. She shares a lot in common with him and was his long lost sister up until they met at the age of thirteen.



Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde

Age: 15 (Official Zack series)

20 (Current logical age)

Occupation: Comp School Student

Family: Diesel (Adoptive Father)

Kimberly (Adoptive Mother)

Zack (Twin Brother)

Derek Watson (Boyfriend)

First Appearance: Zack And Zara Get Grounded

Last Appearance: Zack Gets Fat From McDonalds And Gets Grounded (cameo appearance)

Voice: Kayla, Princess

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American


Zara was born in 1997. However, when she was born, her parents set her up for adoption as they only wanted one child. Zara spent nearly her whole life in the orphanage. When she was 6, a new child had become part of the orphanage due to the recent death of his parents (this child would then later turn out to be Zara's long lost twin brother Zack). The two bonded and had a great friendship. Several years later, the orphanage owner began to abuse everyone in the orphanage. Zack on the other hand, stood up to her and escapes the orphanage. Before doing so, he promises Zara and the other orphans that he'll send help for them. After a long wait, the orphanage owner was assassinated and Zara knew this was Zack's doing. A few months after the orphanage owner's assassination, Zara is adopted by Kimberly and Diesel, who Diesel turned out to be the assassin who killed the orphanage owner. Upon reaching her new home, she was greeted with Zack and was lightened up with glee because of this. Zack and Zara grew up and reached Comp School when they turned 11 and enjoyed the new life. However, things began to crumble when they received a new teacher, and a new kid had moved in from another country.

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