Zoey is a female character who is created by HoneyLemonIsVeryCute/caroline0204. She's the brother of Randall, she has a boyfriend named Jacob, and she has parents. She used to live in Houston, Texas before her family moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2014.



Full Name: Zoey Balkin

Born: July 4 1999 in San Antonio, Texas

Gender: Female

Hair color: Golden brown

Age: 18

Occupation: Eastmore School Student

Family: Diesel (father)

Kimberly (mother)

Randall (brother)

Tony (brother)

Lisa (sister)

Steven (little brother)

Jacob (her boyfriend)

Zara Dawson (her best friend)

Voice: Princess

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American

She is often a troublemaker, but not always. She has anger issues. She often fights with Wendy Hamburg, an New Zealand immigrant from Christchurch.


In my universe, Zoey is a classmate of Cedric's and one of the background characters in the latter's grounded series.